Which classic car to choose?

Many people have asked us this question.
Well, to be honest, the right answer does not exist, because it could be different according to several factors.
We always suggest first of all to think about the goal, the reason. Why buy a “vintage” car?

The reasons may be different: in case of buying as an investment, it is also good to consider how long you want to keep your capital fixed.
Sometimes the choice of the model can vary depending on the time horizon in which one is willing to have the unavailability of the capital, to the propensity to face a risk that can offer greater potential returns.It is well known that some cars have a fair appreciation in the short-medium term, just think of the “youngtimer” and the phase that precedes their twentieth birthday, while the price of the other famous brands may potentially raise significantly in the long term.
The choice of the model goes, moreover, operated without underestimating the “maintenance” factor:
some cars can have minimal running costs, others, instead, could need more important expenses for services.

By the way, the purchase of a classic car is more often driven by emotional factors, and there is nothing related to the desire to make money.
In any case, who would disdain the possibility of having (finally) a nice object in the garage, to contemplate and use and maybe, After a few years, sell it earning some money?

On the other hand, if the purchase is driven by the pure desire to own your dreams car, or to have a car that reminds you positive feelings,
perhaps related to a happy period of your life, then… Just choose it!
And don’t pay so much attention to quotations, emotions are priceless!

The important thing, also in that case, is to prefer always vehicles with a high grade of conservation or, alternatively, high standards restored,
cars that still keep a high respect of originality, because this is what makes the difference in a classic car, and that gives it more prestige and value.

With this cars, the saying “the more you spend, the less you spend” is right. In fact, when considering to choose a classic car, it is better evaluating the cars that may seem more expensive, but that for their conditions,
may be a more advantageous purchase than those that seem to have a more attractive price and then, often, at the end of the works needed, result to get much more expansive.

Our advice, therefore, is not to try at all costs “the bargain”, but “the gem”. A car that, for conservation conditions or for the quality of the restoration, has preciousness factor.

We suggest, in all cases, to choose the car you like, the one that excites you driving.
Let all five senses guide you: let yourself be taken in by its smell, touch its materials, listen to the music of its engine.

Be nostalgic for the past because, as Proust said, only “memory can win time”.
So the moment you enter the garage, your memory will make you live that nostalgia that makes life “unbreakable with the passing of time”, you will have the confirmation that you made the right choice!

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