Guide to Buy a Vintage cars for restoration

Guide to Buy a Vintage cars for restoration

Guide to Buy a Vintage cars for restoration

Many enthusiasts are asking us for information on buying classic restoration cars.
Well, it’s best to be clear on this point.

Vintage cars for restoration: A long and painstaking job

Buying a historic restoration car may initially seem like a bargain, but at the same time it can hide far greater pitfalls than the perception of having made an excellent purchase.
Vintage cars for restoration, very often require a long and painstaking work, which for those who are not experts, can result in a huge waste of time and resources, without considering that you have to rely on the right people to restore a car. era, this means that not all coachbuilders and not all mechanics have the right training and competence to take care of a restoration done in a workmanlike manner.

Never improvise

Very often those who improvise in this adventure are very disappointed, since at the end of the work (which often takes years), they do not get the desired result, and find themselves having spent a lot of money for a “restored” car that in the end it does not reflect the imagined value.
In economic terms, the restoration of historic cars is unlikely to be convenient on cars up to 30-40,000 Euros, given that very often the cost of the complete restoration of the body
mechanics, engine, interior, electrical system, etc. exceeds this amount.

Our advice to carry out a good restoration of a classic car is to rely only on competent people and experts in the sector , both for a prior evaluation of the purchase,
that throughout the process.

Total or partial restoration?

Furthermore, if you opt for a car to be restored, it is better to choose one for a total restoration, and start the work from scratch, knowing later how it was done, rather than a partially rebuilt one and on which you must in any case start from boss, with the disadvantage, however, of having already paid more initially.
Therefore, restoration cars are welcome, as long as we first know what we are going to meet.
Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and advice on classic cars to be restored, we will be happy to hear from you!

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