Why buy a vintage Alfa Romeo?

If you are looking for a vintage Alfa Romeo for sale, you will surely have come across numerous advertisements on the various vintage car sales websites.

The Alfa Romeo car manufacturer, founded in 1918 following the acquisition of ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) by Engineer Nicola Romeo, of Pomigliano d’Arco (Naples), is certainly among the most renowned car manufacturers and consequently its cars among the most requested in the panorama of historic motoring.
Vintage Alfa Romeos are in fact in great demand by collectors from all over the world. The models that the Arese Company has produced are innumerable; many have always been in the hearts of enthusiasts: some, unforgettable cars that have made the history of world motorsport, while others, at the time of their release, have made people turn up their noses some purists, but today they are back in the limelight among fans for the small production numbers.

Whether it is the choice of the most iconic Giulia sedan or Gt, a classic and timeless Spider, or the more niche but still emblematic models of the “Biscione” house, such as the classic Alfa Romeo Montreal, Sprint Bertone, Giulietta Spider, or custom-built models. (those with bodywork by Zagato or Touring, for example, are real works of art), those who want to buy a historic Alfa Romeo are hardly wrong.

Deciding which vintage Alfa Romeo to buy is a difficult task, there are really something for all budgets and for all tastes: convertibles, coupes, sedans, grand tourers and custom-built cars. There is really an embarrassment of choice.

It is good to proceed step by step and, first of all, to set a budget for the purchase. The second thing is to identify the model we would like to own based on the amount, third to read up on the details and characteristics of the model, up to the actual specific research on vintage car sales sites and dedicated channels.
For those who opt for the purchase of a classic Alfa Romeo to be restored, it is good to know that it is always advisable to focus on higher value models, since, as we often say, the costs of the restoration for a work to perfection are significant therefore it is always better to invest in a car whose value then justifies the time and money spent. Among the points in favor for a classic Alfa Romeo for restoration, there is the great availability of spare parts, except for the more particular and low-production models, and their relatively low cost.

For our part, we prefer to orient ourselves towards those classic Alfa Romeos that were produced in the Pre-Fiat era, since in our opinion they still maintain that charm of the production carried out in the original factories.
Investing in a vintage car by focusing on the Alfa Romeo brand means “winning easy”, in fact these cars have had considerable appreciation in recent years and are still destined to increase in price given the strong demand.
However, we will never tire of repeating it: whatever vintage Alfa model you choose, find the one that makes your heart beat faster and, importantly, always and only consider the “right” specimens, that is, with correspondence between engine and chassis numbers, accidents free, rust free and with the correct documentation.

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