In a world characterized by moderation, technological progress and evolution, in order to have something unique, all that remains is to try to buy vintage cars.


The watchwords when deciding to buy a vintage car are: Study and Research.

I study because before buying a historic car you need to read up. Knowing that specific model well, its strengths and even defects (all cars have weaknesses), the characteristics that have made it or less appreciated over the years.

The search for a historic car is therefore the most important action to take to make sure you buy the right car and not be satisfied with the first one you find, perhaps the one closest to home.

Once you have a clear idea of ​​which classic car to buy, since the web is full of historic cars for sale, but not all of them are in the right conditions of conservation or restoration, you need to make a selection of which ones seem to us to be in better condition. , even through photos, detailed descriptions, and therefore go in person to see and try them, if you do not buy through specialized operators in the sector (who are presumed to have already checked and selected the car in advance, but unfortunately this is not always the case), better with an expert and trustworthy person, because very often the price is not justified by the quality of the car.

Factors to consider

When buying a vintage car, it is good to consider various factors: first and foremost the general conditions; in fact, as we often say, well-preserved cars, like those restored to perfection, make the difference in the choice and above all in the value that historic cars have.
A perfectly preserved car, with original paint, interior still intact, with no signs of modifications and still with the factory mechanical components (provided they have obviously been properly maintained over the years to preserve the main parts such as engine and gearbox), will be valid for eyes of enthusiasts and experts, more and more than one already repainted, with the upholstery redone, and on which, for example, a LPG system has been installed or, worse still, the engine has been replaced.

The greatest value of vintage cars is always originality, conservation or, in the case of restoration, complete respect for the original configuration of the car.

In any case, it is necessary to check the correspondence between chassis and engine numbers (matching numbers) and make sure, in the case of a restored car, that the color is the original one, since if this were not the case the car would have a lower value, sometimes even a lot. significant.

The important thing before buying a classic or vintage car is to choose the model that best suits our needs, evaluating yes on the basis of the available budget, but above all on the basis of the emotions that that car will give us once placed in the garage. !