buy a classic car remotely




Over time, we have helped many people realize the desire to own a classic car, for pure passion or for investment.

And today with the notoriety acquired in our sector, we often sell cars to customers who don’t come to see them in person, but who choose to buy an historic car remotely

Even if we always recommend coming, testing, and touching the car in person, it is understandable that this process can lead to a series of advantages and conveniences:

  • Saving time: in fact, coming to see the car in person certainly means a waste of time. It may be necessary to use a whole day, or for customers arriving from abroad, even more than a day to view the car, test it, complete the payment and the paperwork necessary for the transfer of ownership


  • Cost savings: travel can often be expensive, especially if you have to book your flight and hotel closely



  • The pleasant expectation and surprise of having a sparkling car delivered directly to your home, without having ever seen it before but only in photos and videos, is part of the pleasure itself


It is for this reason and for the numerous requests from customers that over time we have specialized more and more in classic and sports cars distance selling. The process is simple and is divided into 7 phases:


  1. The customer can analyze all the photos (on our site there are over 50 detailed photos for each car), the precise description of the conditions and the technical data. On request, we can take other photos of specific parts or videos of the car in motion


  1. Once the price has been agreed, a sales contract is formalized, with all the agreements made during the negotiation phase. Our contract to buy a classic car remotely is made in accordance with EU regulamentation. Payment is usually made in 2 steps: deposit to reserve the car (usually 10% of the agreed price) and balance when it is ready


  1. When everything has been clarified, we proceed with the payment of the 10% deposit


  1. The car is checked again in all points: electrical system, mechanics, engine, etc. A new test drive is performed. At this stage, we make sure everything is working properly before delivery. It may therefore take a few more days to carry out any last adjustments or refinements. Subsequently, if necessary, the new Mot (Tuv) is also carried out



  1. When we have ascertained that the car is 100% ready to be used and to dispense smiles and emotions, we can proceed to pay the balance of the agreed price


  1. After receiving the balance, it’s time for the documents: we can then proceed with the transfer of ownership or cancellation for export



  1. Finally, when the documents are ready, we proceed to organize the collection or transport of the car. Transport usually takes place with our commercial partners, specialized and insured for car transport, at the best market rates


This process can take from 5 to 15 working days, depending on the last steps to be taken before delivery.


In any case, as per our practice, all our cars are sold with a 1-year guarantee. This ensures that for any problem that could appear to buy a classic car remotely we are always present and willing to solve it in the best possible way

Our advice is always, when possible, to come in person to view and test the car, but in case that can’t be done, we’ll take care of everything: we specialize in the sale of Classic and Sports Cars!


We sell all over the world, especially remotely


For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us, also by telephone at +393314459455


Long live the passion for the real Cars: the Historic, Classic and the Sports Cars!